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A Southern hemisphere astronomy bucket list (2016 Jan 15)

astronomy, constellations, deep sky, star charts, observing report, star party, space craft, stars, ISS, comets, meteors, asteroids, Milky Way, LMC/SMC, Sun, Moon, Earth, solar eclipse, lunar eclipse, atmospheric phenomena, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, zodiacal light


Outreach for World Space Week 2013 (2013 Oct 14)

astronomy, outreach, space, space craft, SANSA, Cape Town, WSW

Juno flyby over South Africa (2013 Oct 07)

astronomy, space craft, Jupiter

World Space Week 2013 (2013 Sep 22)

astronomy, outreach, space, space craft, SAASTA, WSW, InOMN, SANSA

ISS transits the Sun (2013 Mar 16)

astronomy, astrophotography, Sun, space craft, Oleg Toumilovitch


Moon, Seven Sisters and chaperone (2012 Feb 01) (2012 Feb 02)

astronomy, astrophotography, Southern Sky Highlights 2012, Moon, space craft, Kos Coronaios

Bright ISS flyby (2012 Jan 08)

astronomy, constellations, astrophotography, space craft, Kos Coronaios


Photo: Lucky shot! Full Moon, Jupiter and the ISS (2011 Nov 10)

astronomy, astrophotography, space craft, Moon, Jupiter, Kos Coronaios

An IAC2011 goodie (2011 Oct 05)

astronomy, space, space craft, magic

ISS and Atlantis flyby (July 19) (2011 Jul 20)

astronomy, space craft

ISS and Atlantis flyby (July 14) (2011 Jul 15)

astronomy, space craft

The last space shuttle. Ever. (2011 Jul 10)

astronomy, space craft


Comet Hartley 2 up close (2010 Nov 04)

astronomy, astrophotography, space craft, comets

SumbandilaSat update (2010 Jun 09)

space craft


ISS and Soyuz over South Africa (2009 Dec 27)

astronomy, astrophotography, Oleg Toumilovitch, space craft

Glowing rings in the night sky Sunday's UFO (2009 Oct 23)

astronomy, space craft, UFO

LCROSS impact target Cabeus (2009 Oct 08)

astronomy, astrophotography, Moon, space craft, Oleg Toumilovitch

Flyover of the International Space Station and the Space Shuttle (2009 Aug 30)

astronomy, astrophotography, space craft, Carol Botha, Oleg Toumilovitch, Kos Coronaios, Mitchell Krog

First step back to the Moon: Images from LRO (2009 Jul 02)

astronomy, astrophotography, space craft, Moon

twisst: Twitter the ISS (2009 Jun 26)

astronomy, internet, space craft

Erupting volcano caught from space (2009 Jun 25)

astrophotography, space craft

Tunguska explosion = comet (2009 Jun 25)

astronomy, space craft, comets

Waves on the edge of the Keeler Gap (2009 Jun 15)

astronomy, space craft, Saturn, astrophotography