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Outreach for World Space Week 2013 (2013 Oct 14)

astronomy, outreach, space, space craft, SANSA, Cape Town, WSW

World Space Week 2013 (2013 Sep 22)

astronomy, outreach, space, space craft, SAASTA, WSW, InOMN, SANSA


An IAC2011 goodie (2011 Oct 05)

astronomy, space, space craft, magic


SKA promotion team visits HMO (2010 Nov 15)

astronomy, space, ASSA Hermanus Centre, SKA, OOG, events, Hermanus

ZA SKA bid: NASA astronaut on tour (2010 Oct 31)

astronomy, space, astronomy media, SKA

Where do astronauts hang out? (2010 Oct 30)

space, humour

Aurora (2010 Aug 23)

astronomy, space, Earth

Earth and Moon in space (2010 Aug 19)

astronomy, Moon, Earth, Mercury, space


It had to happen some or other time (2009 Feb 12)

astronomy, space