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Can Darwinism be reconciled with the Bible? (2012 Feb 27)

atheism, skeptic, intelligent design, creationism, events, Stellenbosch, Maties


Prediction for Saturday, 2011 May 21 (2011 May 21)

atheism, skeptic, religion, fraud, humour


Eight degrees of bullshit (2010 Nov 24)


The magic of Larry Soffer (2010 Oct 26)

magic, events, skeptic, Cape Town, photo diary

Owls, bats, and spiritual discernment: Standing up for Pr. Kobus (2010 Oct 22)

atheism, skeptic, alt med, supernatural, miracles, faith healing, fundamentalism, Kobus van Rensburg

Challenged! (2010 Oct 22)

atheism, skeptic, alt med, supernatural, miracles, faith healing, fraud, fundamentalism, Kobus van Rensburg

If it worked, companies would be using it (2010 Oct 20)

atheism, skeptic, alt med, supernatural, astrology, faith healing, humour

Awesome Universe? (2010 Aug 21)

atheism, events, skeptic, evolution

The Miracles of Kobus van Rensburg (2010 Aug 16)

atheism, Kobus van Rensburg, miracles, skeptic

Magical Thinking (2010 Aug 12)

magic, atheism, skeptic, supernatural, miracles, Kobus van Rensburg

Martin Gardner (2010 Aug 11)

skeptic, magic, obit

Cell phones and cancer: In denial (2010 Jun 09)



Bad Astronomy at Iziko Planetarium (2009 Nov 07)

astronomy, events, skeptic

Sad but true what passes for journalism (2009 Oct 30)

humour, skeptic

Theologic (2009 Jul 12)

atheism, skeptic, supernatural, psychology of religion, humour


But it's all-natural, man! (2008 Sep 22)

skeptic, alt med

Fractal Wrongness (2008 Feb 27)

skeptic, psychology