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Science and society (SAASTA Critical Thinker's Session) (2012 Jul 05)

outreach, philosophy of science, psychology, events, photo diary


Seasonal depression and internet use (2010 Nov 04)

psychology, internet

The brain: specialized or GPS? (2010 Jun 22)

modelling, psychology

Twinkle, twinkle, little star (2010 May 14)

atheism, astronomy, psychology, religion

The One Secret (2010 May 13)

atheism, psychology, religion, Dungeons and Dragons


Stanislas Dehaene on consciousness (2009 Nov 25)

psychology, modelling

A randomized controlled study of naturopathic vs psychotherapeutic care for anxiety (2009 Sep 02)

psychology, alt med

Modelling the spread of disease-treatment (2009 Apr 16)

psychology, modelling

Astronomers odd or not? (2009 Mar 04)

astronomy, psychology, history

Dominees and faith (2009 Jan 13)

atheism, psychology, religion


Astrology in Kleinmond (2008 Dec 16)

astronomy, astrology, psychology

Illuminating abstractions – Epstein on "Why model?" (2008 Nov 13)

psychology, modelling

Synchronizing remote neurons (2008 Nov 12)

psychology, modelling

Does religion make you nice? (2008 Nov 11)

atheism, psychology

Santa Fe Institute tightens its belt (2008 Nov 04)

psychology, modelling

Feeling ill? It could be the planets (2008 Sep 06)

psychology, astrology, alt med

Rhetorical strategy of a creation science talk: A case study (2008 Sep 04)

psychology, psychology of religion, creationism, Shofar, Maties, Stellenbosch

Drawings of scientists (2008 Sep 03)

sci-tech, psychology

The psychology of bewitchment (2008 Aug 26)

psychology, supernatural

Website design: caveat utilitor (2008 Aug 24)

psychology, web design

Season and suicide: facts and myths (2008 Aug 23)


Mobile mobile users (2008 Aug 14)


A closer look at distant healers (2008 Aug 14)

psychology, faith healing, alt med

A bra with more lift (2008 Aug 14)


Fractal Wrongness (2008 Feb 27)

skeptic, psychology


If life is coffee (2007 May 25)

psychology, coffee

The dilution dilusion (2007 Mar 22)


Woordfees 2007 (2007 Mar 05)


What makes us human? (2007 Jan 14)

psychology, books

Finding Ithaca (2007 Jan 11)

psychology, history, poetry


Make the leap (2006 Nov 23)


Psychology's Grand Unified Theory? (2006 Nov 21)

psychology, modelling

Gray squares (2006 Sep 30)


Can people, in principle, be modelled mathematically? (2006 Sep 04)

psychology, modelling

Popular Islamic and Christian prophets (2006 Apr 21)

psychology, psychology of religion

Fill in the missing blanks (2006 Mar 08)



Why do people believe in gods/God? (2005 Oct 02)

atheism, psychology

Personal Beliefs Scale (2005 Aug 01)

psychology, philosophy, psychology of religion

Psychology and religion reading list (2005 Aug 01)


Psychology and role-playing games reading list (2005 Aug 01)

psychology, Dungeons and Dragons

Speaking in Tongues: Denise's personal testimony (2005 Aug 01)

psychology, religion, psychology of religion, fundamentalism

The psychology of speaking in tongues: A review (2005 Aug 01)

psychology, religion, psychology of religion

Psychology and astronomy reading list (2005 Aug 01)

psychology, astronomy

What's up with people's attitude towards psychology? (2005 Feb 07)

psychology, religion