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Gekke en dwase skryf hul name op mure en glase (2010 Oct 16)

atheism, psychology of religion


Theologic (2009 Jul 12)

atheism, skeptic, supernatural, psychology of religion, humour

Approaches to the Study of Religion (Connolly 1999) (2009 Jun 14)

atheism, psychology of religion


Rhetorical strategy of a creation science talk: A case study (2008 Sep 04)

psychology, psychology of religion, creationism, Shofar, Maties, Stellenbosch


Poetry and the after-life (2006 Oct 21)

atheism, poetry, Bible study, psychology of religion, philosophy

Popular Islamic and Christian prophets (2006 Apr 21)

psychology, psychology of religion


Personal Beliefs Scale (2005 Aug 01)

psychology, philosophy, psychology of religion

Speaking in Tongues: Denise's personal testimony (2005 Aug 01)

psychology, religion, psychology of religion, fundamentalism

The psychology of speaking in tongues: A review (2005 Aug 01)

psychology, religion, psychology of religion