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First light with Little Martin (2016 Nov 07)

astronomy, deep sky, observing report, observing equipment, star party, Southern Star Party, Little Martin


The Summer 2015 Southern Star Party (2015 Feb 25)

astronomy, deep sky, observing equipment, star party, astrophotography, Milky Way, Southern Star Party, events, Ed Foster


Walter (2014 Dec 05)

astronomy, observing equipment, Walter, Martin Lyons


Making and using a manual barn door star tracker (2013 Mar 26)

astronomy, observing equipment, astrophotography, Ed Foster


The telescope of Nigel Observatory (2012 Jan 17)

astronomy, observing equipment, history, telescopes, observatories, Martin Lyons, photo diary


Astro-equipment for sale or swop (2011 Sep 22)

astronomy, observing equipment, telescopes, Martin Lyons


Legal laser wielder! (2010 Dec 02)

astronomy, observing equipment

Green lasers - responsible use and registration (2010 Nov 09)

astronomy, outreach, observing equipment, astronomy media, ASSA, ASSA Cape Centre, ASSA Pretoria Centre


New toy (2009 Jul 04)

astronomy, observing equipment

The green laser "menace" (2009 Apr 15)

astronomy, observing equipment

A light-weight light box for deep sky sketching (2009 Apr 06)

astronomy, deep sky, sketching, observing equipment, Carol Botha


A portable observatory (2008 Feb 05)

astronomy, observing equipment, Carol Botha