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Venus in daylight (2012 Aug 13)

astronomy, Southern Sky Highlights 2012, observatories, SAAO, Cape Town, Moon, Venus

Living Amongst the Stars to be reprinted (2012 Feb 11)

astronomy, history, telescopes, observatories

The telescope of Nigel Observatory (2012 Jan 17)

astronomy, observing equipment, history, telescopes, observatories, Martin Lyons, photo diary


SAAO/Sutherland webcam update (2010 Oct 12)

astronomy, observatories, SAAO, Sutherland

McClean (2010 May 12)

astronomy, observatories, history, SAAO

Recently opened: Martin Lyon's new backyard observatory. (2010 Feb 23)

astronomy, telescopes, observatories, Martin Lyons


An eye on Sutherland (2009 Oct 26)

astronomy, observatories, SAAO, Sutherland


Dieter Willasch (2008 Jul 31)

astronomy, astrophotography, observatories, telescopes, Dieter Willasch

Swiss astrotrivia (2008 Jul 19)

astronomy, observatories


South Africa and Australia on SKA shortlist (2007 Sep 28)

astronomy, observatories, SKA


SuperWASP at Sutherland (2006 Feb 01)

astronomy, SAAO, Sutherland, telescopes, observatories, WASP