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The First Herschel-Darwin Dinner Dinner (2016 Jun 16)

astronomy, history, SAAO, events


Pearls of the Southern Skies (2014 Sep 23)

astronomy, deep sky, astrophotography, history, Dieter Willasch


Lacaille's planisphere for Stellarium (2013 Jan 31)

astronomy, outreach, constellations, history


SAAO photographic plate store returns home (2012 Mar 08)

astronomy, astrophotography, history, SAAO

Living Amongst the Stars to be reprinted (2012 Feb 11)

astronomy, history, telescopes, observatories

The telescope of Nigel Observatory (2012 Jan 17)

astronomy, observing equipment, history, telescopes, observatories, Martin Lyons, photo diary


History of the Karoo Star Party (2011 Apr 11)

astronomy, star party, history, ASSA Pretoria Centre


American History: Today in 1957 (2010 Nov 19)

sci-tech, history, humour

Plate Tech Tonic (2010 Oct 24)

astronomy, astrophotography, history, SAAO

McClean (2010 May 12)

astronomy, observatories, history, SAAO


Quaoar's new moon (2009 Nov 12)

astronomy, history

Jupiter's new moon (2009 Nov 12)

astronomy, Jupiter, history

Lady Computers (2009 Sep 01)

astronomy, history

Lo and behold! The first internet message (2009 Jun 29)

internet, history

Ark of the Covenant to be unveiled? (2009 Jun 26)

history, religion

Astronomers odd or not? (2009 Mar 04)

astronomy, psychology, history

Scenes from Darwin Day at UCT (2009 Feb 12)

Darwin, history


SAAO photographic plate store destroyed (2007 Sep 28)

astronomy, SAAO, history, astrophotography, LMC/SMC

Finding Ithaca (2007 Jan 11)

psychology, history, poetry

Update: deep sky objects in old catalogues (2007 Jan 08)

astronomy, deep sky, history


Non-stellar objects in old star catalogues (2004 Jan 01)

deep sky, history