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Lynn Margulis to speak at STIAS (2010.11.11) (2010 Oct 28)

astronomy, sci-tech, evolution, Maties, Stellenbosch

Awesome Universe? (2010 Aug 21)

atheism, events, skeptic, evolution

Complex and intricate and beautiful... (2010 Aug 11)

atheism, atheism quotes, evolution, intelligent design, humour

Today (2010 Feb 01)

humour, evolution

"Creation" (2010 Jan 27)

evolution, Darwin


Evolution poster (2009 Dec 31)

sci-tech, evolution, outreach

Cheers to natural selection (2009 Jul 09)

evolution, humour

In the Light of Evolution - III (2009 Jun 17)

evolution, philosophy of science


Carl Wieland, creation and evolution Are their Answers in Genesis? (2005 Sep 29)

atheism, creationism, events, Answers in Genesis, Shofar, evolution, fundamentalism, Stellenbosch