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Southern Sky Almanack (2010) (2009 Sep 03)

astronomy, outreach, almanack, downloads

EyePics: Volume 1 The Moon (2009 Jan 09)

astronomy, outreach, Moon, downloads

Astronomy posters to download (2009 Jan 09)

astronomy, outreach, downloads, Milky Way, Sun, Moon

Constellation Yearbook (2009 Jan 09)

astronomy, outreach, downloads

Southern Star Wheel (2009 Jan 08)

astronomy, outreach, star charts, downloads

DSEA: Deep Sky Explorer's Atlas - free southern sky star charts (2009 Jan 08)

astronomy, deep sky, outreach, star charts, downloads


Southern Sky Almanack (2009) (2008 Aug 21)

astronomy, outreach, almanack, downloads


Deep Sky Observing Checklist (2006 Feb 02)

astronomy, deep sky, downloads

Discover! A free naked-eye star atlas and binocular work book for the southern skies (2006 Jan 01)

astronomy, deep sky, star charts, downloads