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Can Darwinism be reconciled with the Bible? (2012 Feb 27)

atheism, skeptic, intelligent design, creationism, events, Stellenbosch, Maties


Dinosaurs on the Ark (2009 Jul 02)

atheism, creationism

Penn & Teller on Noah's Ark (2009 Jun 01)

atheism, creationism


Yahoo! Answers pwning creationists (2008 Nov 20)

atheism, creationism

UK Royal Society and creationism (2008 Sep 22)

atheism, creationism, science and religion

Rhetorical strategy of a creation science talk: A case study (2008 Sep 04)

psychology, psychology of religion, creationism, Shofar, Maties, Stellenbosch

Dr Emil Silvestru (Creation Ministeries International) and Shofar Noah's Flood (2008 Aug 30)

atheism, creationism, science and religion, Shofar, events, fundamentalism, CMI, Maties, Stellenbosch

Publishing (2008 Jul 28)

books, creationism, humour

Dr D J Batten (Creation Ministeries International) and Shofar Creationist talk on campus (2008 Mar 14)

creationism, Shofar, Maties, CMI, science and religion, Stellenbosch


Americans ignorant about evolution (2007 Apr 02)

atheism, creationism, science and religion


Carl Wieland, creation and evolution Are their Answers in Genesis? (2005 Sep 29)

atheism, creationism, events, Answers in Genesis, Shofar, evolution, fundamentalism, Stellenbosch