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Bookshelf (2012 Sep 27)

atheism, humour

Religion is... (2012 Mar 30)

atheism, atheism quotes, humour

Finding truth in the strangest places (2012 Mar 27)

atheism, humour, silly signs, Somerset West

Can Darwinism be reconciled with the Bible? (2012 Feb 27)

atheism, skeptic, intelligent design, creationism, events, Stellenbosch, Maties


South Africa rocks! (1 of 5) (2011 Dec 18)

atheism, religion

Myths and the 7.5 million (2011 Dec 09)

atheism, supernatural, religion

Jesus loves us (2011 Nov 22)

atheism, humour

Prediction for Saturday, 2011 May 21 (2011 May 21)

atheism, skeptic, religion, fraud, humour


Season's Greetings (2010 Dec 06)

atheism, humour

Owls, bats, and spiritual discernment: Standing up for Pr. Kobus (2010 Oct 22)

atheism, skeptic, alt med, supernatural, miracles, faith healing, fundamentalism, Kobus van Rensburg

Challenged! (2010 Oct 22)

atheism, skeptic, alt med, supernatural, miracles, faith healing, fraud, fundamentalism, Kobus van Rensburg

The Catholic Church: Not to be sneezed at (2010 Oct 20)

atheism, humour

If it worked, companies would be using it (2010 Oct 20)

atheism, skeptic, alt med, supernatural, astrology, faith healing, humour

Gekke en dwase skryf hul name op mure en glase (2010 Oct 16)

atheism, psychology of religion

Find out all about Ceiling Cat (2010 Sep 27)

atheism, humour

Two vices (2010 Sep 10)

atheism, humour

Awesome Universe? (2010 Aug 21)

atheism, events, skeptic, evolution

The Miracles of Kobus van Rensburg (2010 Aug 16)

atheism, Kobus van Rensburg, miracles, skeptic

Magical Thinking (2010 Aug 12)

magic, atheism, skeptic, supernatural, miracles, Kobus van Rensburg

Complex and intricate and beautiful... (2010 Aug 11)

atheism, atheism quotes, evolution, intelligent design, humour

Silliness (2010 Jun 22)

atheism, supernatural

Howzat! (2010 Jun 15)

atheism, humour

Twinkle, twinkle, little star (2010 May 14)

atheism, astronomy, psychology, religion

The One Secret (2010 May 13)

atheism, psychology, religion, Dungeons and Dragons

Stephen Fry on the Catholic Church (2010 Apr 21)

atheism, atheism media

Secrets (2010 Apr 20)

atheism, philosophy, magic

Jack and Jill (2010 Apr 15)


Squatters (2010 Apr 14)

atheism, supernatural

Jesus art (2010 Mar 25)


The religion of science (2010 Jan 27)

atheism, religion, sci-tech


WWJW? (2009 Nov 10)

atheism, humour

October 12: Happy Freethought Day! (2009 Oct 12)

atheism, events

A dangerous man (2009 Aug 07)

atheism, quotes

Some people (2009 Jul 28)

atheism, quotes

Theologic (2009 Jul 12)

atheism, skeptic, supernatural, psychology of religion, humour

One debate, many responses: Response #4 (Clinton Armitage) (2009 Jul 06)

atheism, atheism media

One debate, many responses: Questions about Amie van Wyk (2009 Jul 05)

atheism, atheism media

Encyclopedia of New Religions (2009 Jul 04)

atheism, Dungeons and Dragons, books

One debate, many responses: Response #3 (Paul) (2009 Jul 02)

atheism, atheism media

Dinosaurs on the Ark (2009 Jul 02)

atheism, creationism

One debate, many responses: Response #2 (Bruce Dickson) (2009 Jul 01)

atheism, atheism media

One debate, many responses: Response #1 (Auke Slotegraaf) (2009 Jun 30)

atheism, atheism media

One debate, many responses: Amie van Wyk on "Three debates, many questions" (2009 Jun 27)

atheism, atheism media

The Reason Project (2009 Jun 26)


Approaches to the Study of Religion (Connolly 1999) (2009 Jun 14)

atheism, psychology of religion

The Hint of the Century (2009 Jun 13)

atheism, humour

Penn & Teller on Noah's Ark (2009 Jun 01)

atheism, creationism

A child's prayer (2009 Jun 01)

atheism, humour

The Word of Christ (2009 May 23)

atheism, humour

ICCM: I kid you not (2009 Apr 20)


Hand of God Revealed by NASA (2009 Apr 07)

atheism, humour, astronomy

Free cards for Easter greetings (2009 Apr 03)

atheism, humour

Mike of Cape Town (2009 Mar 26)

atheism, atheism media

Good heavens! (2009 Mar 26)

atheism, Stellenbosch

Run Jesus Run (2009 Mar 11)

atheism, miracles, humour

Does the Universe need to have a cause? (2009 Feb 19)

atheism, philosophy, astronomy

Noah's house rules (2009 Feb 13)

atheism, humour

Messy-iah (2009 Feb 10)

atheism, humour

Dominees and faith (2009 Jan 13)

atheism, psychology, religion

T-shirt slogans (2009 Jan 12)

atheism, humour


Faith healing parents assert religious rights (2008 Dec 12)

atheism, faith healing

Little respect (2008 Nov 29)

atheism, humour

Yahoo! Answers pwning creationists (2008 Nov 20)

atheism, creationism

Praise Cheesus! (2008 Nov 18)

atheism, humour

Does religion make you nice? (2008 Nov 11)

atheism, psychology

Top 10 signs you're a Christian (2008 Nov 04)

atheism, humour

Sunday shower Believe it or not! (2008 Nov 04)

atheism, atheism media

UK Royal Society and creationism (2008 Sep 22)

atheism, creationism, science and religion

Sorry, Charles, old chap (2008 Sep 15)

atheism, Darwin

Shocking Bible discovery shatters the homosexual agenda! (2008 Sep 03)


Dr Emil Silvestru (Creation Ministeries International) and Shofar Noah's Flood (2008 Aug 30)

atheism, creationism, science and religion, Shofar, events, fundamentalism, CMI, Maties, Stellenbosch

Profit Kobus van Rensburg (2008 Aug 26)

atheism, atheism media, faith healing, fraud, Kobus van Rensburg

Angel in the architecture (2008 Jul 16)

atheism, angels


Out on a limb (2007 Dec 06)


Fun Things to do in Church (2007 Jul 16)

atheism, humour

Religion in a scientific and secular culture (part 2) (2007 May 16)

atheism, events, science and religion

Religion in a scientific and secular culture (part 1) (2007 May 10)

atheism, events, science and religion

Americans ignorant about evolution (2007 Apr 02)

atheism, creationism, science and religion

30 seconds of brain-washing (2007 Mar 30)

atheism, religion, religion in schools

Mary in a pan (2007 Mar 05)

atheism, pareidolia

Carnivale in Stellenbosch (2007 Feb 04)

atheism, Stellenbosch, morality


Sacred text vs. sacred narrative (2006 Dec 06)

atheism, morality

Jesus Camp (2006 Oct 28)


Poetry and the after-life (2006 Oct 21)

atheism, poetry, Bible study, psychology of religion, philosophy

Supernaturalists and the naturalistic fallacy (2006 Oct 19)

atheism, supernatural, morality, science and religion

Two new theology books (2006 Oct 10)

atheism, atheism media, books

Superstition in the Catholic Church (2006 Sep 03)

atheism, supernatural, science and religion

George Ellis and NOMA (2006 Jun 23)

atheism, science and religion

Top 10 Reasons beer is better than Jesus (2006 Jun 16)

atheism, humour

Bible study: Venomous snakes (2006 Feb 21)

atheism, Bible study

Hell (2006 Feb 15)



Three days and three nights (2005 Dec 20)

atheism, Bible study

Why do people believe in gods/God? (2005 Oct 02)

atheism, psychology

Carl Wieland, creation and evolution Are their Answers in Genesis? (2005 Sep 29)

atheism, creationism, events, Answers in Genesis, Shofar, evolution, fundamentalism, Stellenbosch

The Search for a Post-Church Spirituality (2005 Sep 01)

atheism, events, philosophy, religion

Paradox of the Stone (2005 Aug 01)