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13th Southern Star Party (Summer 2017) (2017 Mar 01)

astronomy, Southern Star Party, outreach, light pollution, SQM, star party, astrophotography, SKA, Leeuwenboschfontein


National Science Week 2015 at Iziko Planetarium (2015 Aug 03)

astronomy, outreach, light pollution, Sun, NSW 2015, Iziko, SAAO, SKA, SAASTA, Cape Town, photo diary, StarPeople


National Science Week - Cape Town (2013 Jun 21)

astronomy, outreach, NSW 2013, ethnoastronomy, astronomy media, SKA, SAASTA, OOG, events, Ed Foster, Cape Town


Ministry of Science and Technology on the SKA (press release) (2012 Mar 29)

astronomy, astronomy media, SKA


SKA relocated to Kalk Bay? (2011 Oct 10)

astronomy, SKA, Cape Town

Latest pics of KAT-7 (2011 July 14) (2011 Jul 15)

astronomy, telescopes, SKA


SKA promotion team visits HMO (2010 Nov 15)

astronomy, space, ASSA Hermanus Centre, SKA, OOG, events, Hermanus

ZA SKA bid: NASA astronaut on tour (2010 Oct 31)

astronomy, space, astronomy media, SKA

meerKAT from the air (2010 Feb 11) (2010 Feb 24)

astronomy, SKA

Visit to Carnarvon (2010 Jan 18)

astronomy, events, SKA, photo diary


South Africa and Australia on SKA shortlist (2007 Sep 28)

astronomy, observatories, SKA