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The First Herschel-Darwin Dinner Dinner (2016 Jun 16)

astronomy, history, SAAO, events


National Science Week 2015 at Iziko Planetarium (2015 Aug 03)

astronomy, outreach, light pollution, Sun, NSW 2015, Iziko, SAAO, SKA, SAASTA, Cape Town, photo diary, StarPeople


ASSA symposium 2012: Looking back, looking forward (2012 Aug 24)

astronomy, ASSA, SAAO, events, Cape Town

Venus in daylight (2012 Aug 13)

astronomy, Southern Sky Highlights 2012, observatories, SAAO, Cape Town, Moon, Venus

ASSA AGM, 2012 August 01 (2012 Aug 01)

astronomy, ASSA, SAAO, Cape Town

SAAO photographic plate store returns home (2012 Mar 08)

astronomy, astrophotography, history, SAAO


Galileoscope winners: InOMN 2011 (Soutpansberg) (2011 Nov 10)

astronomy, outreach, astronomy media, Limpopo, InOMN, SAAO, Kos Coronaios

Are we alone in the Universe? (2011 Oct 10)

astronomy, SAAO, philosophy of science, Cape Town, events


Plate Tech Tonic (2010 Oct 24)

astronomy, astrophotography, history, SAAO

SAAO/Sutherland webcam update (2010 Oct 12)

astronomy, observatories, SAAO, Sutherland

McClean (2010 May 12)

astronomy, observatories, history, SAAO

SciAm commentary on SALT (2010 May 07)

astronomy, astronomy media, SAAO

Lightning over SAAO (2010 Feb 23)

astronomy, astrophotography, atmospheric phenomena, SAAO, Sutherland

The Charles Affair (2010 Feb 03)

astronomy, astronomy media, SAAO


An eye on Sutherland (2009 Oct 26)

astronomy, observatories, SAAO, Sutherland

IYA public lecture series at SAAO (Cape Town) (2009 Apr 17)

astronomy, IYA, SAAO


SAAO photographic plate store destroyed (2007 Sep 28)

astronomy, SAAO, history, astrophotography, LMC/SMC


SuperWASP at Sutherland (2006 Feb 01)

astronomy, SAAO, Sutherland, telescopes, observatories, WASP