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National Science Week - Limpopo (2013 Aug 06)

astronomy, outreach, NSW 2013, SAASTA, OOG, events, Kos Coronaios

National Science Week - Cape Town (2013 Jun 21)

astronomy, outreach, NSW 2013, ethnoastronomy, astronomy media, SKA, SAASTA, OOG, events, Ed Foster, Cape Town


SKA promotion team visits HMO (2010 Nov 15)

astronomy, space, ASSA Hermanus Centre, SKA, OOG, events, Hermanus

Stars over the Taal Monument (2010 Nov 08)

astronomy, OOG, events


Deep Sky Workshop and OOG star party, August 16 (2008 Aug 17)

astronomy, deep sky, OOG, Carol Botha


OOG 2006 year-end star party at Delvera (2006 Nov 21)

astronomy, deep sky, OOG, Carol Botha