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The 2017 "The Burning" Awards Dinner  @psychohistorian.org

The 2017 "The Burning" Awards Dinner

posted: 913 days ago, on Saturday, 2017 Dec 02 at 23:38
tags: Dungeons and Dragons, The Burning.

Season 1 of "The Burning" is almost at an end (the last episode will be on December 30), and the annual awards evening was held on Saturday, December 02.

The epic premiere, "The Innocent Jogger", set the tone for the rest of the season (see the individual awards below), with other episodes including "Priscilla, Queen of Kalderesh", "Check her sack!", "Show Me Your Camp", and "And Into the Hole He Goes". To mix things up a bit, there was episode 4 "I fluff up an orc" and episode 5, "Piercers To Go!", just in case the gentle reader gets the wrong impression.

The coveted "Best Roleplayer of the Year" Award went to Marius Reitz, pictured on the right sharing a laugh with a fan.

Other winners on the night were Kim Reitz, Christopher Steyn and Shawn Looyen.

Kim took two awards: "The Most Calculated Player" and, for her expert portrayal of Severina, "The PCs for the Ethical Treatment of Animals".

Christopher Steyn, portraying Renley and shown adjacent holding The Umbrella Award, got kudos "for throwing with most shade on an NPC".

Shawn Looyen (second from the left, bottom) won the "Happy Days Award" for Calden, the Last of the Dondarrions.

The last two images show "The Most Improved Roll Player Award", and the crystal dagger, for "The Most Creative Use of a Spell or Spell-like Device Award", both of which went to Marius Reitz.

The full list of awards and winners follows.

The Best Roleplayer of the Year Award


for PC roleplaying and in-character portrayal

The Onesy Award


for the most 1s rolled on a To-Hit roll during the height of deadly combat

The Donald J. Trump Award


for communicating #fakenews about his or her alignment,

for his assessment of himself as "Lawful Good"

The Christopher J. Steyn Award


for the most callous interaction shocking even his fellow party members

Citation: "His friends are shocked that he didn’t try to do anything to stop the execution..."

The Most Calculated Player Award


for their unfailing dedication to checking 84.7% of the DM's mathematics & other financial computations

The Most Creative Use of a Spell or Spell-like Device Award


for waterborn cryogenic interventions,

for his use of Heat Metal (Reversed) on the poor Green Hag's pets

Honourable Mention


for applying the principles of impulse, and the conservation of linear momentum, to propulsion,

for his use of Spiritual Hammer on Calden

The PCs for the Ethical Treatment of Animals


for twisting the DM’s plot in unforseen ways,

with her judicuous use of Animal Friendship on the Great White Apes

The Ernie Else Literature Award


For the Best Campaign Journal

Citation: "We left Severina to her studies and Markus to find himself … We encountered a group of bandits on the way up a mountain pass [and] one of them got “skopped” off the mountains edge. On the way back, we found a tower full of lycans. Despite our best efforts we were royally defeated, and Renly had been infected by a bite. It was then a race against time to get cured before he became fluffy the thieving pooch. | We planned our envasion poorly, After Cals death (by the ands of a troll)we finally killed the necromancer destroyed alter and banished all the evil from that place. Renly left to go to a party and then the Lady in red, attached us with heaving bosoms. She destroyed Cals new garb and weapons (accept cals hell hound cloak) and managed to vape away. Poor Severina was reduced to her boots."

The Most Improved Roll Player Award


for his uncanny ability at selecting any die other than a d10 for Initiative Rolls

The Happy Days Award:


for the player most in need of good, solid, outcomes: A set of metal outcome dice

The Umbrella Award


for The most over-use of air-quotes for deriding the ego of an NPC,

for throwing shade on “The Destroyer”

The Most Likely To Get Ahead In Life Award


for actions with far-reaching consequences that set the Party on a new heading

Citation: "Cal and Renley return to Severina and Markus. They decide to dispose of the bodies in the copse, but not before, for some ungodly reason, Markus decides to cut the head from the cleric to take it to the Thief’s Guild, and ask who the man is. The other three are shocked, but do not stop him, and decide they should head home. Markus, now alone, heads to the thief’s guild, where, after entering the murder hole and getting beaten by batons, he charms the doorman, and asks him to find out whatever he can about the man whose head he shows him."

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