Partial solar eclipse - 2017 February 26

posted: 327 days ago, on Sunday, 2017 Feb 26 at 00:00
tags: astronomy, Southern Star Party, solar eclipse, Leeuwenboschfontein.

(left) Progress of the eclipse. Hand-held S4 through Louis Fourie's Televue 4-inch apo equipped with a Thousand Oaks white light filter. (right-top) Louis Fourie snapping the eclipse through his 4-inch. (right-centre) Group photo of the eclipse viewers. Note that Jim Adams and Ed Foster are way too cool to use eclipse glasses to view the Sun. (right-bottom) Somewhat like a Bushman drawing.

(left) Laid-back eclipse viewing under a shady tree. (right-top) Rogan Roth snapping a pic. (right-centre) Barry Shipman and Miems Dumas watching Ed photograph the eclipse. (right-bottom) Miems Dumas and Lynnette Foster viewing the eclipse.

(left-top) Group viewing next to Ed's 10-inch "Lorenzo". (left-centre) Eddy Neijeboer, Cape Centre Chair, at the eyepiece of his telescope. (left-bottom) Anja Fourie observing the eclipsed Sun through Louis Fourie's scope. (right) "Lorenzo" getting the last glimpses of the setting eclipsed Sun.

The eclipse was popular on Twitter. Find out more about the 13th Southern Star Party by following the hashtag SSP13.

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