GoPro time lapse kit

posted: 425 days ago, on Sunday, 2016 Nov 20 at 19:33
tags: astronomy, astrophotography, GoPro, Martin Lyons.

The GoPro Hero5's "Night Lapse" mode holds great promise for stunning time lapses of the night sky. To add some extra dynamism it would be nice if the camera moved during the lapse. Most recently I read about the use of a clock movement to carry the GoPro along.

I ordered a "high-torque" clock movement from BJ Oberholzer (Spin Street, Cape Town) and the magnificent Martin Lyons fashioned the mod to firmly attach the camera to the hour-movement of the mechanism.

Using one of the GoPro base clips to hold the camera, Martin created an aluminium support that goes around the hour shaft, with grub screws for fine-tuning.

Not content with customizing the GoPro attachment, Martin also kitted out a hard case to hold all the bits (that are in danger of getting lost in the dark). Simply magnificent!

Next week, with the New Moon, I'll be in Sutherland, and will give it a whirl.

Update 2016 Nov 21, 17:00

I took it for a spin, and it looks good! Here's a sped-up version of a lapse I took at the SAAO in Cape Town this morning.

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