The 2016 Spring Southern Star Party

posted: 435 days ago, on Monday, 2016 Nov 07 at 05:21
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Photos from the 12th Southern Star Party, Night Sky Caravan Farm, Bonnievale, South Africa.

Gate to the camp site.

Entrance to the camp site.

Looking south across the site, with the social tent on the right.

Group photo

Behind-The-Scenes: Making of the Group Photo

Saturday braai.

Constellation Exploration setup area.

Telescope Area.

Telescope Area.

Telescope Area.

Martin Lyons and his binocs.

Rogan Roth's well-travelled outreach telescope.

Martin's 18-inch under wraps.

Chris Forder's Big Bertha under wraps.

Marius Reitz's kitted-out 8-inch.

Deon & Ronel Begemann's extensive astro-kit.

Camp scene. Near the centre of the image, Rogan is adjusting his scope.

Camp scene. James and Lena Smith relaxing.

Impromptu talk by Barry Dumas.

Impromptu talk by Pierre de Villiers.

Prof Herman Steyn (Stellenbosch University) - “Space missions from Rosetta to CubeSats”

An attentive audience member, taking notes about CubeSats and more.

Dr Pierre de Villiers (ASSA Hermanus) - “A novel observatory in the making”

Martin Lyons - “Caring and obsessing over optics – a layman’s perspective”

Getting ready for the Group Photo

Pub Quiz time!

Pub Quiz winner!

The party-goers: Rene Auras, Tyron Auras, Deon Begemann, Ronelle Begemann, Dominique Brink, Johan Brink, Nellie Brink, Alan Cassells, Rose Cassells, Pamela Cooper, Lynn Court, Caitlin Cupido, Caycee Cupido, Gavin Cupido, Karin de Bruin, Chris de Coning, Andre de Villiers, Pierre de Villiers, Wanda Diaz-Merced, Barry Dumas, Miemie Dumas, Arnè Esterhuizen, Iain Finlay, Chris Forder, Edward Foster, Lynnette Foster, Louis Fourie, Peter Harvey, Susan Joubert, Robert Ketteringham, Evan Knox-Davies, Bennie Kotze, Nicolas Kröner, Thomas Kröner, Paul Kruger, Anna Kunz, Ruth Kuys, Lee Labuschagne, Martin Lyons, Eddy Nijeboer, Jannie Nijeboer, Laura Norris, Peter Norton, Marius Reitz, John Richards, Leslie Rose, Rogan Roth, Auke Slotegraaf, James Smith, Lena Smith, Herman Steyn, Kiona van der Merwe, Corne van Dyk, Juanita van Rensburg, Chris Vermeulen, Wendy Vermeulen and Abigail Zwartz-Cupido.

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