Stargazing at the Waterfront - 2016 July 09

posted: 521 days ago, on Sunday, 2016 Jul 10 at 03:41
tags: astronomy, outreach, StarPeople, Waterfront, Cape Town.

Saturday was a supreme winter's day in Cape Town. The increased buzz at the Waterfront was evident even as we began to set up at our usual spot at the historic swinging bridge. The first four photos below show the eary rush and the clear blue sky. By the end of the evening, we had at least 1,622 eyes-at-eyepieces.

(top-left) Ed Foster. (top-right) Alan Cassells. (bottom-left) Alan. (bottom-right) Dirk Rossouw.

(top-left) Ed. (top-right) Alan. (bottom-left) Wendy Vermeulen. (bottom-right) Dirk.

With a pinhole, a bit of planning, and a tape measure, you can determine the actual size of the Sun. Using the geometry of similar triangles, and the known distance to the Sun, the distance from the pinhole to the projected solar image is used to derive the diameter of the Sun. The pair of photos below show two Sun Measuring Teams, happy with their experimental results.

Late afternoon at the Waterfront.

(top-left) Ed, Lynnette and Wendy. (top-right) Dirk. (bottom-left) Lynnette and Rose busy packing up; the Moon and Jupiter are setting to the left of the Wheel. (bottom-right) Dirk.

Ominous Alan.

(top-left) The Musketeers - Ashwin, Dylan, Ronnie, and Clarence - with Alan. (top-right) Cell-phone photo of the Moon. (bottom-left) Lovely surprise visitors - Johan, Nellie, and Dominique. (bottom-right) Post-gig celebration: Wendy's birthday!

Magic at the Waterfront! (left) Street magician (right) That card ain't gettin' away.

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