Launch of the Cape Town Magic Club

posted: 670 days ago, on Monday, 2016 Mar 21 at 23:57
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Because of various overwhelming projects (more about those in the months ahead) eating into the rapidly dwindling remaining hours of my life, I haven't been attending the regular Cape Magician's Circle meetings for quite a while now. Wayne makes noises when he sees me and his e-mails are no longer in Comic Sans. Earlier this month, during an astronomy outreach event at Iziko Museums, Mandy accosted me in the dark, refused to give me a hug, didn't comment on my double-lift that left two girls squealing, and noted that my apparant apostasy had been Noted.

It thus came as a delightful surprise when my good friend Jacques sent me an invitation to the special launch performance of the Cape Town Magic Club. Needless to say I redeemed my tickets right away, in case he changed his mind. And so it came to pass that on Monday evening, Lynette and I drew up at 18 Victoria Street (not too far from where Mandy reprimanded me), keen to explore and enjoy.

The club dress code is smart casual, with a footnote, "no denim". I only own jeans (and a tatty black-and-white Bermuda boardshorts) so I hoped the black pair I had on would go unremarked, based on the assumption that nobody there would be Mormon and thus already slightly tipsy. (This is rather like Alan at the CMC thinking I should attend wearing a tie.)

Suitably attired and excited, and after a Mount Lemmon at the upstairs bar of the Cape Town Club, we moved to the downstairs bar and lounge. Chad's ravishing styling flair was immediately obvious as was Jacques with his fish-eagle-cum-grizzly-bear hugs. Wayne, Jesse, Brian, Charles and other CMC and magical glitterati abounded, so Lynette and I went off to explore the theatre.

A great deal of thought and effort has clearly been put into creating this space and realizing tonight's offering. I always marvel at all the hard work that goes into something like this; events like these don't happen by magic. *jazzhands*

Shortly after 21:00, the magic began. Host Marcel Oudejans welcomed the guests, and after a few words from Eugene van der Westhuizen (Manager of the Cape Town Club), the seven Magicians deployed their considerable skills, reminding me, in so many ways, why I love magic.

Their very different styles (both in magic and hair) worked together to do what magic does best - to invigorate, to enthrall, and to let you have a bloody good time.

Do yourself and your friends a favour - go for a Monday night out and experience the Magic Club. If you don't like it, I'll refund your tickets.

Performing at the Cape Town Magic Club: Robin Boltman, Mawonsa Gayiya, Jacques le Sueur, and Jesse Brooks.

Performing at the Cape Town Magic Club: Bryan Miles (with Lynette), crazy man Andrew Eland, and Marcel Oudejans.

The Magicians of the Cape Town Magic Club

(l.t.r.) Andrew Eland, Marcel Oudejans, Bryan Miles, Jesse Brooks, Jacques le Sueur, Robin Boltman, and Mawonsa Gayiya.

Cape Town Magic Club

18 Queen Victoria Street, Cape Town

Season 1: Performances 19:00 and 21:00 every Monday night, from 2016 April 04 to June 06.

Helpline: +27 83 229 9550

Dinner reservations: 021 424 5586

Tickets: Buy online via Quicket


Facebook: capetownmagic

Twitter: @capetownmagic

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