Star gazing at Helderberg Nature Reserve

posted: 640 days ago, on Sunday, 2016 Mar 13 at 02:01
tags: astronomy, outreach, StarPeople, Somerset West.

On Saturday, March 12, the Friends of Helderberg Nature Reserve and StarPeople hosted a star gazing picnic at the reserve. Despite cloud and even a little rain, the guests seemed to have had a good time.'s prediction didn't look good - cloud and rain from 17:00. Yet by 16:30 there wasn't a cloud in sight. Nevertheless, you disregard at your own peril.

When the crescent Moon first came into view, at around 18:00, we set up Lorenzo and Maphefo, ready for the 60-something crowd that was starting to trickle in.

By the time the friendly folk were sitting back and enjoying their second glass of wine, it was solid cloud cover. Clearly, no star gazing nor telescope viewing tonight.

Instead, we just chatted astronomy, covering quite a lot of ground, including mythology, star parties, stellar evolution, light pollution, cosmology and Donald Trump.

Shortly after 21:00 we wrapped up.

Thanks to Margie & James Humphris and Yolandri du Preez for organizing a lovely evening.

(l.t.r.) Lorenzo, Ed Foster, Lynnette Foster, Yolandri du Preez, Margie Humphris and Maphefo.

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