Spring 2015 Southern Star Party

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(top) Telescope Area. (centre) Martin sukkel nog 'n bietjie | John Richards (bottom) Offical SSP Photographer & Solar Guide Chris Vermeulen | Deon's sunscope | Chris' sunscope

Detecting the Sun in microwaves

Evan designed and built a microwave detector from off-the-shelf parts. Aimed at the Sun it emits a loud squeak, aimed at Martin, it just mewls. In the bottom-right image, Evan uses a particularly handsome 2016 Astronomy Wall Calendar to prove that the detector is not merely reacting to visible light.

Pub quiz

(top) Semi-finals. (bottom) The final round: James, Leslie and Evan. | The 2015 Spring Summer Star Party Pub Quiz Champion: James Smith! His prize ribbon is generously sponsored by ScopeX.

That tree again

Shirley, the most photographed tree in Bonnievale. Milky Way, Canopus, LMC & SMC rising.


Sunday night, after the SSP, the die-hards relax. Chris, Lynnette, Ed, Alan & Rose | John Richards, Barry Dumas, Ed, Lynnette, Louis Fourie, Miemie D., Rose, Chris and Alan.

Some SQM-L readings

I used Ed's SQM-L to measure the sky brightness as twilight progressed on Satuday. The six readings, between 20:08 and 20:45, show the approaching darkness. On Friday, the sky brightness reached 21.55 mags/sq.arcsec.


Africa in Space - Kechil Kirkham

Building (a pinch of) SALT - Alan Cassells

Detectng the Sun in Microwaves - Evan Knox-Davies

Modelling MeerKAT - Bani van der Merwe

A New Glimpse of the Old Cape Observatory - Auke Slotegraaf


Beginner's Programme

Fight Light Pollution!

Cosntellation Exploration

Deep-Sky Challenge

10th Birthday cake!

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