Partial solar eclipse, November 03

posted: 1537 days ago, on Monday, 2013 Nov 04 at 11:43
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The second (and last) of two solar eclipses for 2013 happened on Sunday afternoon, November 03, when the Moon occulted the Sun. The event was seen as a partial eclipse from southern Africa, except in the far south where the Moon missed its celestial target entirely. The eclipse could also be seen from eastern North America, northern South America, extreme western Europe, most of Africa, the Middle East, the Atlantic Ocean and the western Indian Ocean.

The selection of images below are courtesy Johan Moolman, Percy Jacobs, and Johan Smit.

Imaged by Johan Moolman through cloud, using a 400-mm lens and 2x teleconverter.

(left) Johan Smit's projection setup allows for safe viewing of the eclipse. (right) Percy Jacobs captures sunspots and the limb of the Moon.

Johan Moolman used an 85-mm refractor fitted with an H-alpha filter to capture prominences leaping off the solar surface during the eclipse.

Johan Moolman used a 127-mm refractor fitted with a Herschel wedge (to drastically reduce the light passed through the telescope to the camera) and a 4x Powermate to capture these natural-light views of the Sun and Moon. In the left-hand image a large bird, attempting to eclipse the Sun, can be seen.

Kos Coronaios imaged the progression of the eclipse; the first image in the sequence was taken at 15:35:40 and the last one at 17:01:31.

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