Dalin Trophy (CMC 2013)

posted: 1539 days ago, on Wednesday, 2013 Sep 04 at 04:40
tags: magic, Cape Magicians Circle, Cape Town.

(top,left) David reporting back from Vegas and Magic Live. (top, right) Alex giving the low-down on his new mentalism routine. (bottom, left) Newly-wed Warren describing his recent festival experiences (bottom, right) Guest performer Jacques le Sueur heckled by Alan.

(top,left) Bruce's Dalin routine, with Regardt. (top, right) Brett's Dalin routine, with Regardt and Matthew, and Wayne doing the honours. (bottom, left) Jennifer's Dalin routine included a lovely queen production (bottom, right) Alan presenting his design for a CMC medal.

The 2013 CMC Dalin Trophy winner, Brett (left) with Jacques.

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