National Science Week 2013 Cape Town - Bellville Library (Day 5)

posted: 1588 days ago, on Thursday, 2013 Aug 08 at 02:44
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Astronomy outreach during National Science Week 2013 in Cape Town - Day 5: Wednesday July 31 at Bellville Library.

(top-left) Banners and branding outside the library. (top-centre) Explaining the Sun and solar system (top-right) "Lorenzo" doing duty again, going strong since Astronomy Month 2008. (bottom-left) Ed explaining sunspots (bottom-centre) Display table at the library entrance. (bottom-right) Ed and sungazers.

(top-left,centre) Looking at the Sun and sunspots. (top-right) Early-evening telescope setup for the night's star gazing. (bottom-left) GOTO scope, camera, printer, laptop and way too many cables. (bottom-centre) Very personable and helpful learner at the control of the telescope. (bottom-right) Final good-byes.

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