National Science Week 2013 Cape Town - Waterfront (Day 9)

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Astronomy outreach during National Science Week 2013 in Cape Town - Day 9: Sunday August 04 at the V&A Waterfront Amphitheatre.

(left) Early morning arrival at the V&A Waterfront. (centre) Setting up one of the telescopes at the Amphitheater. (right) Getting the display tables and other solar telescopes ready for the crowds, on a glorious day in the Mother City.

(left) NSW on the big screen. (centre) The view from the 'control room'. (right) Live image of the Sun, projected from the 6-inch refractor.

(left) Telescope and branding set up for Sun-gazing. (right) The entrance to our display area.

(left) Breakfast watching astronomy videos. (centre) Up on the big screen - top-left: live view of the Sun; top-right: Cosmic Collisions; bottom-left: Cassini visits Saturn; bottom-right: meerKAT promo. (right) Live projection of the Sun.

(left) Admin table with hand-outs. (centre, right) Astronomy posters

(left) "Billions and billions of visitors" (centre, right) Counting sunspots

(left) Reminders throughout the day of the night's events. (centre) After Venus set, it was Saturn's turn to be advertised. (right) Happy star guides.

(left) Final pack-up for NSW 2013. Time for celebratory coffee and chocolate. (centre, right) An abandoned backpack on the roof of a pagoda caused a minor bomb scare until it's owner showed up.

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