ScopeX 2013

posted: 1658 days ago, on Sunday, 2013 Jul 07 at 14:05
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This year's ScopeX will be held on July 20 at the Military Museum, Johannesburg. This excellent event is a must-enjoy for the year. Full details can be found on the official ScopeX website.

The busy programme includes:

  1. What's looking up at Sutherland? -- Willie Koorts, SAAO
  2. Rise of the Machines: Supercomputers and Astronomy Research -- Dr. Shazrene Mohamed, SAAO
  3. Astrophotography with a DSLR on a tripod -- Prof. Barbara Cunow, ASSA Pretoria Centre
  4. The Virtual Atomic and Molecular Data Centre (VAMDC) -- Prof. Derck P Smits, UNISA
  5. Amateur spectroscopy with small telescopes -- Oliver Thizy, Shelyak Instruments
  6. Astrophotography from a backyard Observatory -- Dale Liebenberg
  7. Science Shows -- Experilab
  8. Rocket Rocket Science -- Troshini Naidoo (EUNAWE)
  9. Southern Cross Flying Kites -- Astronomy 3D2
  10. Rocket Motor Test Fire
  11. Prize Giving
  12. Raffle & Closed Tender draw
  13. Workshop: Spectra data reduction & analysis, measure star's temperatures -- Olivier Thizy, Shelyak Instruments

For reports and photos from previous year's ScopeX events, see: ScopeX 2012, ScopeX 2012, ScopeX 2011, ScopeX 2010, ScopeX 2009, ScopeX 2008, and ScopeX 2007.

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