The Moon occults Spica (2013 June 18)

posted: 1670 days ago, on Monday, 2013 Jun 24 at 09:47
tags: astronomy, observing report, Southern Sky Highlights 2013, stars, occultation, Kos Coronaios, Oleg Toumilovitch.

The waxing Moon occulted Spica (alpha Virginis) late on the evening of June 18.

The image on the right, taken by Kos Coronaios (Limpopo), shows Spica at the top-left of the frame.

In Johannesburg, Oleg Toumilovitch (Johannesburg) made a time-lapse of the occultation, showing the Moon through skimpy cloud covering the bright star.

The timing of these occultations is still of scientific value, according to Brian Fraser, Director of the ASSA Occultations Section.

"They are used to analyse star positions as well as refine the orbit of the moon," Brian writes, noting that the Moon's position varies by as much as 50 metres - and mapping this shift is accomplished by occultation timings.

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