A lunar eclipse and (almost two) occultations

posted: 1692 days ago, on Friday, 2013 Apr 26 at 04:10
tags: astronomy, astrophotography, Southern Sky Highlights 2013, lunar eclipse, Moon, Kos Coronaios.

Partial eclipse of the Moon, imaged on 2013 April 25 at 22:15 by Kos Coronaios.

Last night's partial eclipse of the Moon, a marginal event at best, was witnessed by Kos Coronaios in Limpopo. A mere 0.02 of the Moon's diameter passed into the umbra, and the overall effect was a slight darkening of the Moon, much like the treatment given to bread at certain establishments when they serve it "toasted".

2014 sees two total lunar eclipses (April 15 and October 08) but neither will be visible in southern Africa. The next really good lunar eclipses, visible from southern Africa, are on 2015 September 28 and 2018 July 27.

Shown below are two occultations of the Moon also witnessed last night. The first shows an occultation of the Moon by a stick, the second shows a (failed) occultation of the Moon by another stick.

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