The Moon occults Jupiter (again!)

posted: 1812 days ago, on Thursday, 2012 Dec 27 at 11:10
tags: astronomy, astrophotography, Southern Sky Highlights 2012, occultation, Jupiter, Moon.

For the third time this year, the Moon occulted Jupiter in the wee morning hours. Around 03:00 on December 26, the giant planet was obscured by our Moon. The event was ultra-marginal, but that didn't deter Georg Moolman and Michael Poll from photographing the event.

(left) Georg Moolman used an 85-mm Televue refractor (and a chimney) to photograph the pair, low on the horizon, setting on the opposite side of Pretoria. (right) Michael Poll imaged the duo as they set behind the mountain from his vantage point.

The two previous occultations took place on November 02 and November 29.

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