Hakos star trails (1)

posted: 1852 days ago, on Monday, 2012 Dec 24 at 06:22
tags: astronomy, astrophotography, Hakos.

Time lapse star-trail from the IAS Observatory complex at Hakos Farm, Namibia, 2012 December 07/08. The rectangular structure roughly in the centre of the image is a roll-off roof observatory housing a 20-inch Newtonian astrograph. In the right-foreground is a telescope pier with a protective metal box over the mount; a green shade-net acts as partial light/wind screen. The wavy red lines are from Dieter Willasch's headlamp; the bluishish wavy lines are from my cellphone doing duty as a torch. The orange glow near the left edge (north-west) is the glow of light pollution from distant Windhoek, illuminating low-lying clouds over the city. The Moon rose at about 01:50, beautifully illuminating the passing scattered clouds. Interruptions in the star trails were caused by the intermittent cloud. The first image was taken at 22:03 and the last image at 02:20.

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