Sky Guide 2013

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Press release from Random House Struik:

"Prepared by the Astronomical Society of Southern Africa for use by novice, amateur and professional astronomers, Sky Guide Africa South 2013 is a practical resource, offering information for the whole year on the movement of the planets, upcoming eclipses, the dates of meteor showers, as well as star charts to aid in identifying stars and constellations in the southern African night skies.

"The book also presents a wealth of information in a clear and accessible way about the Sun, Moon, planets, comets, meteors and bright stars, with many supporting diagrams, charts, illustrations and images.

"An annual publication, Sky Guide Africa South is an invaluable resource for anyone with an interest in the night skies of southern Africa. Struik Nature and the Astronomical Society of Southern Africa co-publish the Sky Guide Africa South. An annual production now in its 67th year of publication, this edition is compiled and edited by Auke Slotegraaf of the Astronomical Society.

"For an interview, cover images, and / or author photographs, contact Belinda van der Merwe at / 021 460-5400. For more information, visit"

ISBN: 978-1-92054-478-2 | RRP: R95.00

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