The Moon occults Jupiter

posted: 1905 days ago, on Thursday, 2012 Nov 01 at 07:38
tags: astronomy, astrophotography, Southern Sky Highlights 2012, occultation, Jupiter, Moon.

The beautiful giant planet Jupiter, and its fascinating system of bright moons, was occulted by our Moon early on Friday morning.

Several astrophotographers have very kindly shared their images, below:

Watch a video of the occultation

Photos by Johan Moolman. Johan used an 18-inch Obsession with an EOS 7D and 5D at prime focus, and a 2x Barlow.

Photo by Oleg Toumilovitch. Oleg used a TAL-200K telescope and a EOS 550D (1/200-sec, ISO 200) to image the pair. Visit his website,, for a report and more images.

Photos by Wim Filmalter. Wim used his BikeScope (8-inch Dobby) on an equatorial table, with a 15-mm eyepiece projecting into a Sony Cybershot.

Photos by Carol Botha. Carol used a EOS 5D Mark II and a 500-mm lens.

Photos by Hansie Schreuder, member of OOG.

Photos by Auke Slotegraaf. I used Dieter Willasch's 80-mm f/7 refractor and an EOS 60d; ISO 800, 1/500th sec. See the video on YouTube.

Photos by Lucas Ferreira. Lucas used a 10-inch f/5 Newtonian on a CGEM, a 2x Barlow and a Pentax IST DL SLR.

Visit his website for more details.

Photos by Dieter Willasch. Further details and more photos can be found on Dieter's website, astro-cabinet.

A series of Moon-Jupiter occultations is under way, since the Moon's orbit carries it month-to-month through roughly the same region of sky. Two further occultations occur this year: 2012 November 29 and 2012 December 26. Both are at least partially visible from Southern Africa, and occur at around 03:15. The next two events in this series, on 2013 January 22 and 2013 February 18, will not be visible from Southern Africa.

Random factoids: As seen from Earth, the Moon is about 1400x bigger than Jupiter; Jupiter lies about 1400x further away from us.

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