Heritage sites in Somerset West

posted: 1961 days ago, on Wednesday, 2012 Sep 05 at 14:00
tags: WLM, Somerset West, photo diary.

In aid of the Wikimedia Commons and Wiki Loves Monuments South Africa initiative, Ed and I took some photos of heritage sites in Somerset West.

SAHRA ID 9/2/083/0016. Old Lourens River Bridge, Main Street, Somerset West. Grade II site.

SAHRA ID 9/2/083/0040/001. Coachman's Cottage, 23 Andries Pretorius Street, Somerset West. Grade II site.

(top) Old DRC Parsonage (ID 9/2/083/0021).

(centre) Police Station, Main Rd (ID 9/2/083/0023).

(bottom) Magistrate's office, Main Rd (ID 9/2/083/0024).

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