Venus in daylight

posted: 1986 days ago, on Monday, 2012 Aug 13 at 16:29
tags: astronomy, Southern Sky Highlights 2012, observatories, SAAO, Cape Town, Moon, Venus.

Today and tomorrow, the crescent Moon is near Venus during the day, making the planet easier to see in daylight than usual.

The top image shows the crescent Moon at bottom-left, with Venus, a bright point of light, at top-right, as seen from the SAAO in Observatory. Cape Town. The image was taken at midday. Follow the link for the view this morning, showing the Moon, Venus and Jupiter before sunrise.

The second image is of the newly refurbished McClean dome, at SAAO.

Finder charts for spotting Venus in the day, for selected dates until the end of the year, make the task a lot easier.

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