NSW2012: Louis Trichardt Primary School, Limpopo (2012 August 07)

posted: 1991 days ago, on Tuesday, 2012 Aug 07 at 09:09
tags: astronomy, outreach, NSW 2012, SAASTA, events, photo diary, Kos Coronaios.

Soutpansberg Astronomy visited the Primary School in Louis Trichardt to celebrate National Science Week 2012.

The presentations, by Kos and James Coronaios, started at 07:00 at the school. "Parts of the country were under snow by then and an icy wind was blowing when we arrived at the school at 06:30 to set up," Kos writes. "40 learners built Southern Star Wheels and learned all about radio telescopes and the SKA as well as the much publicized landing of Curiosity."

List of astronomy events for NSW2012

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