NSW2012: Imperial Primary, Mitchellsplain (2012 August 02)

posted: 1989 days ago, on Monday, 2012 Aug 06 at 12:40
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The second day of astronomy and science outreach at Imperial Primary School to celebrate National Science Week 2012.

During the day, learners attended talks and got to view the Sun and sunpots. After a glorious sunset and a spectacular moonrise, learners, parents and members of the public got views of the Moon and planets through patches in the cloud.

(left) Sunset behind Table Mountain. (right) Full Moon rising behind Hans se Kop.

(left) Viewing the Moon through thin cloud. (right) Folk patiently waiting in line to view the Moon.

Folk patiently waiting in line to view the Moon and planets.

(top) Ed's talk on astronomy and South Africa's role. (bottom) Packing up.

List of astronomy events for NSW2012

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