NSW2012: Dendron and Vivo, Makhado (2012 August 02)

posted: 1992 days ago, on Monday, 2012 Aug 06 at 10:35
tags: astronomy, outreach, NSW 2012, SAASTA, events, photo diary, Kos Coronaios.

Soutpansberg Astronomy visited Dendron and Vivo to celebrate National Science Week 2012.

"Various astronomy related presentations were on offer including ones on the SKA and NASA's Curiosity due to land early in the morning of the 6th August," writes Kos Coronaios. "Loads of handout material to be had (courtesy of SAASTA, SAAO and SAC), with views of our closest star during the day and stargazing on the big screen in the evening."

Kos was ably assisted by his son James.

List of astronomy events for NSW2012

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