Knives, ropes, watches and handcuffs

posted: 1994 days ago, on Wednesday, 2012 Jun 06 at 08:01
tags: magic, Cape Magicians Circle, Cape Town.

With demonstrations of techniques for escaping from police handcuffs, precision knife work, and discussion of stealing wrist watches, I noticed a theme developing at last night's meeting of the Cape Magician's Circle.

(top, left) Professor Mike, recounting the amazing experience at IMX Las Vegas 2012 (the International Magic Experience). Besides the brilliant Lennart Green (of course), Piff the Magic Dragon (with a faux Mr Piffles borrowed from one of David Copperfield's team) took part in this high-profile gathering of mages, creating a "true teaching environment" in addition to the sheer thrill of top-class entertainment.

(top, centre) The Great Glendini, one of only two escapologists in southern Africa, briefly but thoroughly demonstrated some of his art.

(top, right) International sensation Jacques le Sueur shared fashion tips and some thoughts on career development for performing magicians.

(bottom, left) Kyle, blind-folded, with three razor-sharp knives accurately positioned by the Great Glendini. Kyle is smiling, because, well, what else can you do when you see the knife-wielding Glendini pace off the distance to the opposite side of the theatre and get ready to take aim?

(bottom, centre) Matthew and Kyle (the latter with much vigour) using a 100-foot rope to truss up the Great Glendini. It took them over a minute to do it, and it took him less than 10 seconds to get out!

(bottom, right) The Professor trying to read Jacques' hand writing.

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