One of these

posted: 2071 days ago, on Friday, 2012 May 18 at 07:59
tags: coffee, photo diary.

If you have one of these, you can make one of those.

The Coffee Roasting Company on Lourensford Estate, Somerset West, is a no-nonsense supplier of green and roasted coffee. The only complaint I can possibly make is, well, nothing. Their coffee selection is excellent. They're open on week-ends. They deliver free to your door three times a week in the Cape Town area. If you live elsewhere (why?) they'll post the stuff to you for a small fee. You can pop in to their roastery and drink free cups of espresso or latte or whatever until your eyes bleed. Send them a mail, do the EFT, and Glynis makes sure that their friendly delivery man knocks on your door with freshly roasted and ground coffee. OK, so they're not perfect - you still have to make your own coffee.

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