The Autumn 2012 Southern Star Party

posted: 2061 days ago, on Sunday, 2012 Apr 22 at 19:26
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(top) Group photo

(centre) Friday evening, gathering in the tent

(bottom) Candle-light discussion. (left) Wim Filmalter and Wilhelm Carstens. (right) Danie van der Spuy, Andre de Villiers and Pierre de Villiers.

(top) View of the camp site.

(centre, top, left) Pierre de Villiers giving the main talk of the Autumn 2012 SSP.

(centre, top, right) Evan Knox-Davies, on radio telescopes, KAT, meerKAT and SKA.

(centre, bottom, left) Wim Filmalter's ultra portable mega-12-inch reflector.

(centre, bottom, right) Ed Foster, on The Odyssey of Life.

(bottom, left) Wim and Evan discussing Wim's innovative binocular stand.

(bottom, right) Wim's binocular stand. Note the absence of a counter-weight at the binocular-end.

(top, left) Behind the scenes; the SSP organizers Ed and Lynnette Foster.

(top, right) Even away from office, Hermann can't escape doing paper-work.

(bottom, left) Ed thanking Wim for his SSP contribution.

(bottom, right) Ed showing what is done with unsatisfactory feedback forms.

(top, left) The SSP banner, donated by Promotional Printing and Signage.

(top, right) Some of the prizes donated by Eridanus Optics.

(centre, top) Friday night gesels.

(centre, bottom, left) Main speaker Pierre de Villiers.

(centre, bottom, right) Wim Filmalter's revolutionary equatorial stand.

(bottom, left) Allan, Rosemary, Wim and Evan around the braai.

(bottom, right) Social tent.

Pics by Ed Foster.

(top, left) Turn-off to the SSP.

(top, right) Wemmie, Ed, Marcell, Jaco and Henry.

(bottom) Evan and Bella, and Hermann and Joy, sunny Saturday braai.

(top) The SSP tent.

(bottom) Folding up the tent, into a surprisingly small package.

(top,left) From the other side, Paul Kruger (left) and myself.

(top,right) That's why they call it a star party.

(bottom, left) Part of the main speaker's gift.

(bottom, right) Paul Kruger partying.

Pics by Lynnette Foster.

Two ethereal views beautifully captured by Paul Kruger.

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