Bright planets and the Seven Sisters (2012 Mar 12)

posted: 2099 days ago, on Tuesday, 2012 Mar 13 at 00:01
tags: astronomy, astrophotography, Southern Sky Highlights 2012, Venus, Jupiter, Kos Coronaios.

Pic by Kos Coronaios, showing Venus (below) and Jupiter (above) at sunset.

A deceptive image of Venus and Jupiter. Venus is the brighter object, but in this image it is obscured somewhat by cloud, so appears dimmer. Notice how the cloud is aglow with Venusian light. The Pleaides is to the upper right, with the Hyades closer to the edge of the frame. Limpopo. 2012 March 12. Kos Coronaios.

(left) Closeup view of Venus and Jupiter. Three of Jupiter's moons can be seen (magnified in the inset). (right) Kos with his (empty) angular measuring device. Ah, what we do for science.

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