SA Magic Championships, Day 3

posted: 2087 days ago, on Monday, 2012 Mar 05 at 02:46
tags: magic, College of Magic, events.

The third and final day of the SA Magic Championships featured a double-bill: Secret Sessions with Wayne Houchin at the College of Magic and the Stars of Comedy and Magic gala show at Artscape in Cape Town.

What an amazing job the FISM Africa producers, Craig Mitchell and Chad Finlay, have done. Kudos, guys.

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Gary Weedon (left) takes over as SAMCO President from Arvid Huss.

(left) Wayne teaching 'Unshuffling Rebecca'. (right) Daniel showing Wayne an effect I still don't understand.

(left) Craig Mitchell receiving a special award from Arvid Huss. (right) Gary Weedon, SAMCO President, announcing the Magic Convention 2013.

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