SA Magic Championships, Day 2

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The second day of the SA Magic Championships played out at Artscape in Cape Town, with three sessions of competitions.

For the performers, today was the most nerve-wracking, whilst for us regular magicians, it was the most relaxing. I have to admit to being an idiot - I didn't attend the Children's Magic Competition, thinking it was by child performers, and not magic *for* children... I missed a good show, I later heard. Nevertheless, the Close-up and Stage competitions were, for the most part, a total delight. Pics below, after the schedule of performers.

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Close-up Magic Championships

Artscape Arena, 13:00

  1. Andrew Herring
  2. Stuart Lightbody
  3. Steve Sandomierski
  4. Richard Lloyd
  5. Josh Stein
  6. Bryan Miles
  7. Michelle Gore
  8. Colin Underwood

Stage Magic Championships

Artscape Theatre, 17:00

  1. Sinethemba Bawuti
  2. Christiaan Horn
  3. Monwabisi Mbobo
  4. Colin Underwood
  5. Bryan Miles
  6. Mawonga Gayiya
  7. Olwethu Dyantyi
  8. Matthew Gore
  9. Adri du Toit
  10. Andrew Eland
  11. Adam Schroeder
  12. Monica Nyakatya

Close-up Magic Championships

Andrew Herring

Stuart Lightbody

Steve Sandomierski

Gary Weedon (left) watches as Anna-Marie, a.k.a. Penny, finds her chosen card inside a sealed can of baked beans...

(left) Richard Lloyd of Durban with Gabbie and Carley. (right) Colin Underwood.

Josh Stein

Bryan Miles baffles Rosemary.

Michelle Gore making matches with Tev.

Incomparable compare, Rune Klan of Denmark.

Stage Magic Championships

(left) The venue for the competition. (right) Josh Stein working the public.

(left) Lunch in the staff canteen. (right) Jesse putting it over on Wayne.


(left) MC Steve (right) The very popular Heavenly Quartez.

(left) Sinethemba Bawuti (right) Monwabisi Mbobo.

Christiaan Horn

Bryan Miles

(left) Olwethu Dyantyi (right) Mawonga Gayiya

(left) Colin Underwood with Byron. (right) Jacques le Seuer making them scream in the lobby.

(left) MC Steve Sandomierski wrapping up (right) Dinner at Col'cacchio's.

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