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SA Magic Championships, Day 1  @psychohistorian.org

SA Magic Championships, Day 1

posted: 2888 days ago, on Friday, 2012 Mar 02 at 23:43
tags: magic, College of Magic, events.

The SA Magic Championships is being hosted by the College of Magic in Cape Town. Amongst other things, up for grabs is the opportunity to qualify for the FISM 2012 World Championships of Magic, which will be held in Blackpool, England, July 09-14.

The local competitions (in three categories: Children's Magic, Close-up Magic, and Stage Magic) will be held on Saturday, March 03, at Artscape.

Two Secret Sessions are also on the cards, conducted by Wayne Houchin.

Registration opened at 17:30, at the College, and some 55 magicians from across South Africa were soon catching up and enjoying a delicious finger supper on the new patio.

Spotted in the crowd were the presidents of the various national and local bodies, as well as Eric Eswin, the International President of Fédération Internationale des Sociétés Magiques (FISM). It was also great to see a healthy contingent of College students attending.

Shortly after 18:30, in the filled-to-capacity Theatre, MC and event organizer Craig Mitchell welcomed the guests and took care of the necessary administrative announcements. And then it was the turn of the delightful Wayne Houchin to conduct the Secret Session. (For you non-magicians, I'm afraid I can't reveal what happens during such a Session).

Wayne's obvious passion for magic trumped what I can only assume must have been a deep urge to crawl into bed, because he and his wife Frania had been awake since early morning, appearing on breakfast TV from 05:00 to 08:00, spent a part of the afternoon tied up in straight jackets and suspended high above ground, then had several media interviews, including being subjected to Riaan Cruywagen's hair, before rushing off to the College for the Session. There wasn't a trace of fatigue or flagging energy in Wayne's performance, which was a total delight.

At the conclusion of the Session, several awards were made to local magicians and organizations, including a Honorary Life Membership of the Cape Magician's Circle to David Gore. The citation, "in acknowledgement of his lifetime contribution to the art of magic", was read read by Alan Thompson (past CMC president) and the award was handed over by Wayne Abrahamse (current CMC president).

Craig Mitchell wrapped up the evening with a quick run-down of the amazing events for tomorrow.

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Photo gallery

(top, left) Arvid Huss and David Gore

(top, right) Andrew Herring, Jaco Norval, Giepie Fourie, Christiaan Horn, Paul Swarts, and Eric Eswin (who reminds me a bit of Teller!).

(centre) Students at the College of Magic

(bottom, left) Werner Swart and Roy Swann

(bottom, right) Matt Gore

Secret Session

(left) "Thread"

(right, top) "Counterfeit Hollingworth" and How To Defy Thermodynamics

(right, centre) "Sinful"

(right, bottom) "Stigmata"

Wayne started the first part of the Session with a cut-and-restored thread effect. This was followed by his bizarre "Thread" routine, which was discussed in detail. Next, he had Werner Swart come up and take part in "Houdini's Influence", which was also discussed. Before the break, he performed and discussed "Stigmata". He used a selected card as the stigma, noting that just about anything can be revealed with this method. However, he cautioned that sometimes revealing the initials of a thought-of person can have a surprising and unwanted emotional response from the audience member, recounting a performance where the thought-of person was a recently departed loved one.

Following the break, he opened with "Match Bite", a delightful and impromptu effect. His "Counterfeit Hollingworth" was next, a clever and subtle piece that Wayne designed as a way to hand out his business card. He performed it with a regular playing card, after which the audience had a hands-on opportunity to go through it with him. He noted that the effect was inspired by Guy Hollingworth (obviously) as well as Paul Harris' "Ultimate Ripoff" and Tamarez's "Crossing the Gaze".

I was utterly delighted by Wayne's final effect - "Sinful" (or 'coin through a soda can'). I'd seen Criss Angel perform it, as well as the tutorial where Mr Angel does it somewhat erm clumsily. To see Mr Sinful himself perform it, was a blast.

In case you didn't know, Wayne is one of the theory11 11s, which include the clearly-not-of-this-Earth Buck brothers, and my other favourite, Andrei Jikh. Now if they add Lennart Green to their line-up, they'll have the perfect dozen.

Wrapping up

(left) The Theatre at capacity.

(right, top) Alan Thompson and Wayne Abrahamse (CMC) with David Gore's citation.

(right, bottom) Craig Mitchell wrapping up day 1.

David Gore's citation

David has been a member of the Cape Magician's Circle since the age of 16. During this period of more than 30 years, he has given exceptional service to the Circle, including serving in the offices of Secretary and President.

David and school friend Jonathan Proctor started a business, Cape Entertainers, and paid their way through university by performing children's magic shows, Punch and Judy shows, and corporate shows. The growing demand for youngsters wanting to learn magic led them to founding the College of Magic, which opened with 34 students on the 23 February 1980. Small classes were taught on a Saturday morning under the patronage of Dr Harry Harley, a member of the Cape Magician's Circle and the Inner Magic Circle of London. Today the College of Magic has over 200 students and even arranges sponsorship for underpriveleged students. It is recognized and supported by top magicians around the world, including Sigfreid and Roy, Michael Ammar, Tommy Wonder, Tim Ellis, Pitt Hartling, David Berglas, Banachek and many others.

David's contribution to magic has been recognized around the world. In 2001 the Johannesburg Magic Circle bestowed on David the Golden Wand Award in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the art of magic. The Dutch organization PINC (People Ideas Nature Creativity), which honours exceptional people from around the world, invited David to present a paper, perform and receive accolades at one of their international conferences.

In 2005 the College of Magic was recognized by the World Magic Seminar in Las Vegas, as the number one institute in the world for transformative work with young South Africans, using magic as an educative tool. The work of the College of Magic has been recognized on the international TV news channel CNN.

In 2007 David was approached by the Northern Cape government to launch a pilot tuition project for the youth of Kimberley. Following on the success of the project, the Kimberley College of Magic has been opened.

In recognition of his exceptional contribution to the art of magic, and the development of the youth, the members of the Cape Magician's Circle are proud to bestow on David Gore, Honorary Life Membership.

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