Daylight astropic of the Seven Sisters and Co.

posted: 2138 days ago, on Friday, 2012 Feb 03 at 07:14
tags: astronomy, constellations, astrophotography, atmospheric phenomena.

Photo by Paul Smit. Canon IXUS 120 IS, fl=5mm, f/2.8, 15-sec exposure, ISO 1600.

Paul and Johan Smit (Pretoria Centre of the Astronomical Society of Southern Africa) were experimenting on New Year's Eve 2011 with long exposures, using Paul's Canon IXUS 120.

During one exposure, Johan writes, "slaan daar 'n gesonde weerligstraal agter ons en verlig die omgewing -- en siedaar -- daglig foto."

Browse amongst the clouds and you'll find the Pleiades (Seven Sisters, M45) centre of frame, Aldebaran with the V-shape of the Hyades open cluster, and Betelgeuse at top-right.

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