Suburban Moon and planets (2012 Jan 27)

posted: 2183 days ago, on Saturday, 2012 Jan 28 at 15:41
tags: astronomy, astrophotography, Southern Sky Highlights 2012, Moon, Venus, Jupiter, Kos Coronaios.

[left] The growing crescent Moon (right) setting side-by-side with Venus (left). [right] The two zoomed-in images on the right are exposed for the bright portion of the Moon (top; 1/30th second) and the shadow portion (bottom; 2.5-seconds).

The image below shows Jupiter at top-right. The Moon and planetary duo are visible at twilight, in the west. Over the next few evenings, the Moon will move up towards Jupiter and onwards past the Pleiades.

In Limpopo, Kos Coronaios was blessed by cloud. Venus can just be made out in the left image.

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