The telescope of Nigel Observatory

posted: 2194 days ago, on Tuesday, 2012 Jan 17 at 09:33
tags: astronomy, observing equipment, history, telescopes, observatories, Martin Lyons, photo diary.

In 2011, Luciano Pazzi decided to close down Nigel Observatory (see MNASSA, 2011 Jan-Feb edition). The early development of Nigel Observatory is described in the IAPPP Communications, No. 27, available online.

Martin Lyons acquired the instrumentation from Luciano, and the 480kg equatorial mount recently arrived in Cape Town and is now in the tender care of what, for the lack of a better phrase, is Martin's telescope workshop. (At a quick count, I make it a total of 90-inches of aperture under one roof.)

The massive friction-driven mount, painted in what I think of as "tank green" (although 'Humbrol 30' is probably more correct), will be refurbished and given GOTO functionality. The fork is large enough for a 16-inch telescope. Future developments loom large.

Meanwhile, Allen Versfeld, the Urban Astronomer (@uastronomer), conducted an interview with Luciano Pazzi in May, 2011.

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