Deep sky photos from the Spring SSP

posted: 2244 days ago, on Tuesday, 2011 Nov 29 at 16:07
tags: astronomy, deep sky, astrophotography, Southern Star Party.

Leslie Rose, who attended the 2011 Spring Southern Star Party, took a series of stunning deep sky photos during the star party.

Leslie used a Celestron 8-inch f/6.3 on an unguided CGEM mount to image a selection of southern gems - the Tarantula, eta Carinae, the Silver Coin, and of course the Great Orion Nebula.

Good stuff!

NGC 253, the Sculptor Galaxy or Silver Coin Galaxy. Image by Leslie Rose.

A lovely wide-field view around NGC 2070, the Tarantula, imaged by Leslie Rose.

The famous Messier 42, with nearby Messier 43, imaged by Leslie Rose.

eta Carinae and its intricate nebula, imaged by Leslie Rose.

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